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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

| suddenly, i imagined her. . . |

today kan,
 umi, babah and me, kitaorg bekpes kat restoran medan gopeng, its a kedai mamak. sumthing about mamak, babah likes so much, i have no idea y?!! hahahaha..
anyways, right after we arrived, the waiter asked for my order, ( mcm biase la kan, itupun nak cter ker kan? haha )
so, without any question, i cpat2 order chapati 2 ek? hehee. coz we're going for a long distance trip. hehee.
bile chapati tu dah smpai kan, kitaorg pun start digging the meal la kan. hehe. then, they start talking about how much arwah opah lovess this place.
omgosh. was it necessary?? im eating skang nie kut. why do they have to bring up arwah opah's memory.
while they eat, and while i eat, i started to look back on opah's memory, and how we used to come here for breakfast too, and i ordered chapati and so did she, and she always let me finish her kuah sardin, omgosh! just thinking about this brings tears to my eyes.
oh well, thats all i want to share with u guys, and how much i miss my arwah opah. anyone who reads this, especially muslims, sedekahkan la al-fatihah kat my arwah opah. thank u. :)

( this pix is what i used to do with my granny whenever we take pix )

yours truly,


Mizz Intan said...

wehhh....rndu gak kt opah ko..
al-fatihah :)

LoLeEtA gOtHiCa said...

huhuhuhu.. hmm.. tu la.. aku lagi rindu kat die.. mcm2 aku nmpak aku ngan die buat together.. huhu.. okok, dah dah.. kang bertakung lagi loji mate aku nie.. heehehe..

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