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Thursday, March 8, 2012

| if only i knew. . . |

so, by reading the title of this entry, it clearly symbolizes REGRET. 
in my religion, it is not encourage to feel any type of regret because there might be a silver lighting, but i just don't see it this time around. 
i am really sure i regret about everything that had happened.
for sure it wasn't supposed to happen like this, but sadly it did.
i don't understand what's in her mind. i really don't. 
it seems like this catastrophic thing might just never end! its like one thing after another, and im SICK of it!! 

why are u acting this way? always making me feel like hating u more and more? why? 
i don't want to hate u but obviously ur making me. . 
is that what u really want?? to FIGHT?? 

this is not what i bargain for. clearly. u are becoming someone else who i wish i had never met. or maybe meet u somewhere else and not HERE!
coz, if we see each other in different place, we might not end up like this. just might. who knows. 
we used to be good, right? don't u remember? of course u don't, u've got new things in ur life, brighter, easier, much more convenient for u. u said u understands, but it seems like u don't?.. do u REALLY understands?.. T,T
what ever happen to us? i loved u once. i still love u, but . . . 
i dont think ur my people. .  
such a sad story this is. . 
ur a nice person, but i wish u knew better than writing hurtful things to someone who once were urs, and now u just throw them away and left them like shit. .
before u judge someone, u might as well judge urself first. u aint that angelic anyway, so dont go pretend like an angel coz ur not. such a sad story this is. 

hope this explains it why im being so honest about my feelings. im being real. 
if u wish to write something back about this, feel free to do so, but just remember, writing back and forth like this is not going to fix anything. im giving u a hint here. come to me and we'll talk. 
its a chance.
take it or leave it. 
ur choice. 

there are so much more i want to write down in here, but i think that's it for now, or i might shed some tears in my eyes. 

" life's a bitch, but that's just how we love them "

Yours truly,


miRa'e said...

wats wrong macek?

LoLeEtA gOtHiCa said...

haih. biase la drama. never ends. kalu tak, takdelah drama namenyer. hahaha. hope u dont have this drama. its exhausting! hehe

miRa'e said...

HAHAHA , ak pon ada je macek kat sini..huhuhu

LoLeEtA gOtHiCa said...

oh man?! really?! then same2 la kite conquer drama-drama nie! hehehehehe

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