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Monday, April 25, 2011

| lupa lagi...! |

so, today, was my Entreprenuer paper. it was a disaster, i think. huhu. 
last min till the clock strike 12.00pm, i was looking and selerak-ing my purse when i noticed my driver's license. 
to my so-not-surprise, i forgot to renew it again, this year! it ended 7/4/2011. check ur calender now, and what date already is today?.. hahaha..
i freaked out a little bit, luckily the exam almost over, if not i cant stop thinking about my dead license. hahaa. 
so, after the "wonderful" exam i had, and some trouble with my car alarm, i went to JPJ to renew my license. 
call me crazy or perasan, but i think mamat sebelah the sis who helped me with my license, were checking me out! muahahhaha!
i think it was probably just me. haha. 

oh yea, now onto my new complain. hehe. my car alarm. urgh, that is another disaster! i went to GM in the hopes of getting a new alarm for my car, coz the original alarm for my car is "nyawa2 ikan" already. haha. so, i spend about Rm60(banyak gune duit umi aje. hekhekhek) to purchase the god forsaken thing. then, to my disappointed, the thing didnt go well!! arghhh!! i spend(again, duit umi. ngee) Rm60 for some shit is it??? 
then, i went back to GM and demand to make the car alarm ok again. try after try after try after try, the thing still didnt go as it should be. later, the dude said, "kalu u mau sye repair aje yang original alarm pun boleh"
i was like " . . . . . . . . . . ." WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME THAT B4????
if not, i wouldn't be wasting my time, to make the new car alarm work, and just get the old car alarm under repair and problem settle !! hahahaha..  

haih, fate is something eh?

so, that's it for today. 
i'll keep on posting new stories. dont worry. jst the matter of if im not lazy and if i have the time to do it. 

yours truly,

Friday, April 15, 2011

| huiiiiiiih! |

whats happening guys?!?!?!?!?!
its been forever since my last update huh?.. 
hahaha. orang penting, nak buat cnerrr? heheeh.. over laks..
anyways, as u all know, ive been bz with works, college, lepak-ing and stuff, so mmg takder mase langsung nak bukak blog and update. so here is just a simple update, nak bgtau update terbaru..

by next week, i'll be having my final semester exams ! huh ! wish me luck guys ! i need it ! 
haha. and, today, just celebrated my BFFFFFF forever, befday! shes 21 now! 
(macek, ur old ok? haha)

then, tomorrow, i'll be facing my muet test. all in 1 day. listening, writing, and reading. hope i can do it. its really been a while since i write an essay. dont know how it will turn out. probably got lots of grammar mistakes. shits!


nyway, what else ek??.. i think thats about it.. 

later, i'll keep u guys updated.


yours truly,
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