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Monday, March 19, 2012

| Penang & More . . |

Assalamualaikum. . . 

based on the title, i bet u already know what im about to write doncha? hehehe. . 
nyway, last week (16/3/2012), i went back to my hometown, to catch my breath, and to visit some old place where i used to hang out with my friends and all. .  
it was really nice to see familiar faces and places. . what im trying to say is, its really good to be HOME. .  ^__^

then, on Sunday (18/3/2012), is the journey back to "real life". . see the signs that i put on those words, yea, sarcasm. . -_-
nyway, being positive and all, we decided to take a little detour in our journey and head off to PENANG! ! the closest fun we will ever get, besides HOMETOWN. .  

in Penang, we visited my dearest friend mira (check out her fb page), jalan - jalan, and we actually took the ferry back to the mainland. . 

like what i always say, a picture worth a thousand words, in this case, picturesss. . 
so, here they are. . .

* hehe, as always, the writer kenelah inter frame byk2! hehe on the way back to Ipoh *

* jumpe mira!! long time no c her. miss her much much. ^__^ *

* hehe, got a little excited! or crazy, or . .  hehe *

* took a little stroll on the streets of Penang. . *

* ingat nak DIRI! tapi, all of the above macek2 tak bagi. hohohoho *

* as we were waiting in the car for the ferry ride, this is the outcome of it. ngee~ *

* jgn x caya, skali tgk cam kat Hong Kong plak rasa! hehe *

* kite semua mesti pegi oversea trip one fine day. i dont care when, we just have to go TOGETHER! ! *

* saje tangkap gamba nie, reminds me of TITANIC!! hehehe. *

* lepas posing maut sgale, kenelah tgk hasilnyer ye dak? hehe ^^Y *

haaaa. . .  (exhale)
lega. . . 
akhirnye aku masukkan jugak piece nie in my blog. . .
mcm - mcm perasaan la on that day. . .
suke, gembira, adventure, tired, self-discovery. . .
enjoy, enjoy jugak, tapi kami tak tinggal yang Wajib. . . 
Alhamdulillah. . .

till the next adventure. . 

Yours truly,

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