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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

| omgggggg .... |

so here goes.
tadi kan, aku tanyer kat akk tu, nak pegi tandas mcm mane, then die pun ckapla, ok adik kene amik kunci sbb tandas tu berkunci , then adik letak balik. ok,fine. aku pun amik la kunci tu and tros pegi tandas coz tak tahan dah nie. tandas tu mcm tandas public yang ader byk bilik tu tau. then, aku masuk aje tndas, aku kunci the main door tau, coz taknak ader gangguan time aku tgah *ehem2*..
then, tgah *ehem2*, aku perasan, eh, ader org la plak, ingatkan dah kunci dah tadi. aku pun buat derk ajerla, assuming die ader kunci lagi 1, coz i just locked the door tadi kan?..
ok, then, lepas aku kuar dpd tandas, aku wonder la, asal die tak kuar2 lagi nie, dlm tandas tadi, dgar pili air terbukak, bukak pintu terbukak, so mmg mcm ader orang masuk kan?.. then, bile aku tgk balik the main door yang aku tgah locked tadi, the door is still LOCKED!! apekah??.. aku ingatkan kalu ader org masuk, then pintu tu mesti terbukak kan, tapi tgk2 still mcm yang aku locked kan tadi.. huuuuuuuuh!
giler spooky.. cpat2 kuar dpd tandas tu, and back to makyang's ofis..

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.... spookyyyyyyy.....

Yours truly,

| im back!.... for now.. :)) |

tu diaaa, lame giler eden tak update no?.. hehehe.. so, skang currently kat KLIA waiting for my flight to sarawak, living with ummi for a couple of weeks.. then, back to semenanjung..
so, tgah duk bukak2 blog member2 ku, terpandang plak 1 post oleh macek kuh ini, and i think this game is quite interesting.. hehe.. so, here goes.. 10 THINGS ABOUT MYSELF...

no 1 : saye nie anak tunggal. my parents dah divorce, but my mom got married again this year. but still, i cant really get used to it. hehe. mybe later, who knows.

no 2 : sye suke makan makanan yang pedas2! tapi, the downside nyer ialah, i dont think my perut can tahan anymore all this pedas2 food. sbb senang sngat masuk toilet after a pedas meal! huwargghhh.. T.T

no 3 : sye suke travelling! and the best partner nak gi travel would be my mom, and my best buddies. heheh. they're like my rock! hehe. i can alwasy count on them, whenever i needed them. well, most of the time. hehehehe. dorunk pun ader life dorunk jgak kan, takkan la all about me ajer. hehe.

no 4 : sye suke tgk scary movies! omg! they're my fav genre! the 2nd would be romantic comedy, heheh. idk, i just love the feeling of fear, and not knowing what to expect, it gets my adrenaline pumping real hard. eheheh. and i loveee it!

no 5 : sye suke melalak! hehhe. i f i were given a choice, whether to go eat or go melalak, definitely i will choose to go melalak!! eheeheh.. i love going for a karaoke, its the best feeling ever where we can scream our lungs out and ppl wont look at us like we're from mars or anything. hehe.

no 6 : sye suke swimming. tapi tak penah dpat chance to go swimming every now and then. i used to go swimming twice a week, mse my mom belajar kat UUM dulu, coz stadium die dekat and mmg ader swimming pool, and ppl say i toned my body a little bit, now bile dah ader kat ipoh, ssh nak pegi swimming, coz takder the facilities. huuhuhuhu! i loooove swimmingggg..

no 7 : sye suke colour merah. the redder the better. hehehe. ader ker perkataan tu?.. hehehe. red gives me energy and it gives me the feeling of empowerment. hehehe.

no 8 : sye suke no 8.. hehehe.. no lapan the best in the world.. no 8 sgat cute, and die bulat bulat.. hehehe.. i used to write no 8 yang berpusing2 tu tau, then when my costing lecterur buat lapan yang bulat atas, then bulat bawah, then i pun terikot, then since that time, i dah suke buat no 8 mcm tu.. heheeheheh..

no 9 : sye suke main guitar. im not saying i'll be the next Yuna, im further from Yuna, tpi i likeee playing my guitarss! its the combination of playing the songs, and sing it!.. how awesome is that! i did post about my LUCKY (guitar) to u guys on my previous post.. hehehe..

no 10 : and last but not least, i give names to all my favourite stuff. for example:
my guitar : LUCKY (its a boy, hehe)
my handphone : SAM (cause its Samsung, n i love shaheizy sam! :)) )
my car : PRETTY (coz i have a dude guitar and i need a female in my group, thats y. hehe. :)) )
my house : al-bait! i always said "assalamualaikum yaaa al-baitttt!!!" because in arabic, "ya al-bait" is ohh, my house! hehehehe.. awesome no??.. heheh.. ^___^

so, thats it about me. later, i will post the 10 things i love, or something like that, i cant remember the title already. hehehee.

till then..

Yours truly,
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