Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, August 1, 2011

| tak update lagiii.. |

omg! i havent updated in years... hehehe...
sorry about that...
biase lah, same reason, BZ MEMANJANGGG..

well, not only that, i forgot to mentioned, that i am now 

can u believe it?! i finally have a bf! 
*takderlah sad mane pun actually, just baru nak ader bf. hehe.

sooo, so far so good. we get along well. pretty well actually. hehe

and other news is that, now its the Ramadhan month, and i solemnly swear to attend as many times as possible the Tarawih session.. hhehehe..

and, hopefully, i can get some sign as to is he the one for me?.. i keep praying that the entire solat i just did.. 

hopefully i get some answers.. hehehe.. 

oh well, thats it for now..
tetibe in the mood to update my blog, yang dah tak berupdate sekian lamenyerrrr.. hehehe

thats it for now..

yours truly, 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

| omgggggg .... |

so here goes.
tadi kan, aku tanyer kat akk tu, nak pegi tandas mcm mane, then die pun ckapla, ok adik kene amik kunci sbb tandas tu berkunci , then adik letak balik. ok,fine. aku pun amik la kunci tu and tros pegi tandas coz tak tahan dah nie. tandas tu mcm tandas public yang ader byk bilik tu tau. then, aku masuk aje tndas, aku kunci the main door tau, coz taknak ader gangguan time aku tgah *ehem2*..
then, tgah *ehem2*, aku perasan, eh, ader org la plak, ingatkan dah kunci dah tadi. aku pun buat derk ajerla, assuming die ader kunci lagi 1, coz i just locked the door tadi kan?..
ok, then, lepas aku kuar dpd tandas, aku wonder la, asal die tak kuar2 lagi nie, dlm tandas tadi, dgar pili air terbukak, bukak pintu terbukak, so mmg mcm ader orang masuk kan?.. then, bile aku tgk balik the main door yang aku tgah locked tadi, the door is still LOCKED!! apekah??.. aku ingatkan kalu ader org masuk, then pintu tu mesti terbukak kan, tapi tgk2 still mcm yang aku locked kan tadi.. huuuuuuuuh!
giler spooky.. cpat2 kuar dpd tandas tu, and back to makyang's ofis..

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.... spookyyyyyyy.....

Yours truly,

| im back!.... for now.. :)) |

tu diaaa, lame giler eden tak update no?.. hehehe.. so, skang currently kat KLIA waiting for my flight to sarawak, living with ummi for a couple of weeks.. then, back to semenanjung..
so, tgah duk bukak2 blog member2 ku, terpandang plak 1 post oleh macek kuh ini, and i think this game is quite interesting.. hehe.. so, here goes.. 10 THINGS ABOUT MYSELF...

no 1 : saye nie anak tunggal. my parents dah divorce, but my mom got married again this year. but still, i cant really get used to it. hehe. mybe later, who knows.

no 2 : sye suke makan makanan yang pedas2! tapi, the downside nyer ialah, i dont think my perut can tahan anymore all this pedas2 food. sbb senang sngat masuk toilet after a pedas meal! huwargghhh.. T.T

no 3 : sye suke travelling! and the best partner nak gi travel would be my mom, and my best buddies. heheh. they're like my rock! hehe. i can alwasy count on them, whenever i needed them. well, most of the time. hehehehe. dorunk pun ader life dorunk jgak kan, takkan la all about me ajer. hehe.

no 4 : sye suke tgk scary movies! omg! they're my fav genre! the 2nd would be romantic comedy, heheh. idk, i just love the feeling of fear, and not knowing what to expect, it gets my adrenaline pumping real hard. eheheh. and i loveee it!

no 5 : sye suke melalak! hehhe. i f i were given a choice, whether to go eat or go melalak, definitely i will choose to go melalak!! eheeheh.. i love going for a karaoke, its the best feeling ever where we can scream our lungs out and ppl wont look at us like we're from mars or anything. hehe.

no 6 : sye suke swimming. tapi tak penah dpat chance to go swimming every now and then. i used to go swimming twice a week, mse my mom belajar kat UUM dulu, coz stadium die dekat and mmg ader swimming pool, and ppl say i toned my body a little bit, now bile dah ader kat ipoh, ssh nak pegi swimming, coz takder the facilities. huuhuhuhu! i loooove swimmingggg..

no 7 : sye suke colour merah. the redder the better. hehehe. ader ker perkataan tu?.. hehehe. red gives me energy and it gives me the feeling of empowerment. hehehe.

no 8 : sye suke no 8.. hehehe.. no lapan the best in the world.. no 8 sgat cute, and die bulat bulat.. hehehe.. i used to write no 8 yang berpusing2 tu tau, then when my costing lecterur buat lapan yang bulat atas, then bulat bawah, then i pun terikot, then since that time, i dah suke buat no 8 mcm tu.. heheeheheh..

no 9 : sye suke main guitar. im not saying i'll be the next Yuna, im further from Yuna, tpi i likeee playing my guitarss! its the combination of playing the songs, and sing it!.. how awesome is that! i did post about my LUCKY (guitar) to u guys on my previous post.. hehehe..

no 10 : and last but not least, i give names to all my favourite stuff. for example:
my guitar : LUCKY (its a boy, hehe)
my handphone : SAM (cause its Samsung, n i love shaheizy sam! :)) )
my car : PRETTY (coz i have a dude guitar and i need a female in my group, thats y. hehe. :)) )
my house : al-bait! i always said "assalamualaikum yaaa al-baitttt!!!" because in arabic, "ya al-bait" is ohh, my house! hehehehe.. awesome no??.. heheh.. ^___^

so, thats it about me. later, i will post the 10 things i love, or something like that, i cant remember the title already. hehehee.

till then..

Yours truly,

Monday, April 25, 2011

| lupa lagi...! |

so, today, was my Entreprenuer paper. it was a disaster, i think. huhu. 
last min till the clock strike 12.00pm, i was looking and selerak-ing my purse when i noticed my driver's license. 
to my so-not-surprise, i forgot to renew it again, this year! it ended 7/4/2011. check ur calender now, and what date already is today?.. hahaha..
i freaked out a little bit, luckily the exam almost over, if not i cant stop thinking about my dead license. hahaa. 
so, after the "wonderful" exam i had, and some trouble with my car alarm, i went to JPJ to renew my license. 
call me crazy or perasan, but i think mamat sebelah the sis who helped me with my license, were checking me out! muahahhaha!
i think it was probably just me. haha. 

oh yea, now onto my new complain. hehe. my car alarm. urgh, that is another disaster! i went to GM in the hopes of getting a new alarm for my car, coz the original alarm for my car is "nyawa2 ikan" already. haha. so, i spend about Rm60(banyak gune duit umi aje. hekhekhek) to purchase the god forsaken thing. then, to my disappointed, the thing didnt go well!! arghhh!! i spend(again, duit umi. ngee) Rm60 for some shit is it??? 
then, i went back to GM and demand to make the car alarm ok again. try after try after try after try, the thing still didnt go as it should be. later, the dude said, "kalu u mau sye repair aje yang original alarm pun boleh"
i was like " . . . . . . . . . . ." WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME THAT B4????
if not, i wouldn't be wasting my time, to make the new car alarm work, and just get the old car alarm under repair and problem settle !! hahahaha..  

haih, fate is something eh?

so, that's it for today. 
i'll keep on posting new stories. dont worry. jst the matter of if im not lazy and if i have the time to do it. 

yours truly,

Friday, April 15, 2011

| huiiiiiiih! |

whats happening guys?!?!?!?!?!
its been forever since my last update huh?.. 
hahaha. orang penting, nak buat cnerrr? heheeh.. over laks..
anyways, as u all know, ive been bz with works, college, lepak-ing and stuff, so mmg takder mase langsung nak bukak blog and update. so here is just a simple update, nak bgtau update terbaru..

by next week, i'll be having my final semester exams ! huh ! wish me luck guys ! i need it ! 
haha. and, today, just celebrated my BFFFFFF forever, befday! shes 21 now! 
(macek, ur old ok? haha)

then, tomorrow, i'll be facing my muet test. all in 1 day. listening, writing, and reading. hope i can do it. its really been a while since i write an essay. dont know how it will turn out. probably got lots of grammar mistakes. shits!


nyway, what else ek??.. i think thats about it.. 

later, i'll keep u guys updated.


yours truly,

Friday, March 18, 2011

| been bz. . . |

hye geng !
lately, i ve been bz with work, college, but mostly work. now that final is just around the corner, i have to put that much of attention than before.
i need to get great marks for my final this sem. 
but sometimes i wonder, whether i can do it or not. haha.
the subjects are dry subjects, but there are too much words to mesmerize. 

oh well, enough about that. 
but really, all i can say is that lately, i ve just been surrounded by books, TV and more books. hehhee.

ok, thats all.
boring, i know! haha.
coz my life is like that too. haih! haha.

yours truly,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

| oh gosh ! please pray for Japan. |

oh gosh ! 
i havent updated in so many years, i think. haha.
sory, bz with work and final exams is just around the corner. 
scared me to death. really dont want to face that, but have to. shoots ! 
why do we have to go through exams. why cant they just have classes then graduate ! that'll be nice ! omg ! haha.
anyways, so, have u heard about what happen to Japan ?!?!?! 
omg ! its heart-breaking ! really. 
the 1st time ive heard it is through twitter ! 
twitter is actually pretty good giving those kind of informations. i tot it was just about celebrities, and celebrities, and another celebrities, what were they doing, who went into rehab again, who died, urgh ! its just so, not cool?.. haha..
idk, i just dont like that. i mean, i do like informations, but information that is worth reading that is nice.
omg ! i am way out of topic right now, shut me up ! haha
ok ! so, what happen to Japanese people is just heart-breaking dont u think?
as soon as i heard the news, i switched on my TV and watch channel 509 (cctv channel) and just watched how Japan was actually going to be like literally under water. this is just like the movie once right?? its scary. 

i watched how the water, get into the village, flooded the town, people waving for help, it is just scary ! 
i really dont wish that kind of thing ever happen to anybody.
i cant imagine, if i ever in that kind of situation, i'll probably cry cry cry and cry. gosh !

here are some of the vids, about Japan. 

it is just truly devastating and heart-breaking watching this. 

so, please pray for Japan and hope they can get through this, and my uncle once said to me, if u knew japanese people, they can just easily rise after this natural disaster. they are capable, i just knew it. 

yours truly,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

| i dont know what im feeling rite now |


i just feel so alone, i just feel like going away, i need a road trip or something. i just feel so far away. haih.

i seriously need a road trip. i want to go somewhere far. omg, i want to go to the ocean. 

i want to see the sunset. i might go to lumut or wtv. 

aihh. idk. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

| just for fun. u might want to try it :)) |

one :l 
Have you ever sniffed Glue ? 
yes and its good :p hehe 

two :l 
Have you ever played “splish & splash” ? 
never heard of it. 
three :l 
Have you ever fell out of a boat ? 
thankfully, no ! 
four :l 
Have you ever smelled “markers” ? 
yeah ! kinda sting in my nose. hehe.
five :l 
Have you ever been Drunk & High at the same time ? 
drunk, no, but high, maaaybbeee.. hehe.. 
six :l 
Have Your Parents ever washed your mouth out with Soap ? 
no. but chili, yes ! urgh. 
seven :l 
Are you one of those “healthy people” ? 
i want to think so. haha.
eight :l 
Do you use Limewire ? 
nope ! 
nine :l 
When your done writing a note do you add a picture ? 
not so much

ten :l 
I’m assuming your a girl, if so , are you one of those girls who scream when they see bugs ? 
err, i will diagnose the bug 1st, if it needs screaming, then i'll scream. ^_^ 

eleven :l 
Did you have a good childhood ? 
yes n no. dont ask. haha

tweleve :l 

Do you like the “Jonas Brothers” .. think their cute !? 
idk. i dont really like their voice. sounds so girly and soo NOT manly at all. ^_^ 

thirteen :l 
Do you like “Pitbull” 
never try it. 

fouteen :l 
What time do usually go to bed ? 
12.00am and laterrr..

fifteen :l 
Ever burn yourself purposely ? 
no ! what forr..?

sixteen :l 
Have you ever cut your wrist ? 
NO ! wait, i did try to scratch it with correction tape. haha. 

seventeen :l 
Have you ever played “Suck & Blow” 
WAT THE HELL is that? im thinking something else now. gosh ! haha.

eighteen :l 
Are you one of those “stuck up ” people ?
i hope im not. i dont think so, i guess?.. 0.o
nineteen :l 
Do you think your perfect ? 
no. but i received comment from a dude that says im too perfect for him. T.T i say bull. 
twenty : l 
Are you one of those people who are covered in tattoos and piercings ? 
no! haha. i just dont like people with tats and piercing. 
twentyone :l 
Have you ever been attacked by a bear ? or even a wild animal ? 
bear, no, wild animal, also no ! thank god! :))
twentytwo :l 
Do you like those notes where your only suppose to write two words? 
twentythree :l 
Is your hands small ? 
definitely, not! 
twentyfour :l 
Do you like sour things ? 
no! i hate sour foods, or stuffs. haha.  
twentyfive :l 
… How about sweet things ? 
that, i'll accept!
twentysix :l 
Are you afraid of needles? 
yes ! kinda. used to. think, still am ! haha.
twentyseven :l 
do you like the dentist ? 
no! i especially hate the nurses! they were mean!
twentyeight :l 
Are you a fan of country music ? 
yea! i listens to country music. i think its calming and real at the same time. :))
twentynine :l 
Do you ever wish that you could have a cinderella story ? 
yes! i would love to meet my prince one fine day. :)) but if ur saying the step mother and sisters, heck no! haha
thirty :l 
Did a guy ever ditch you ? 
sadly, yes ! he thinks im too perfect for him. which i think is a bullshit! he just wants to get rid of me. all the things he did was 
just to waste his time and mine. i even got heart broken over this dude. stupid me.
wow, that was long. haha. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

| gegiler gegiler gegiler 3x |

gambar menunjukkan seribu perkataan.

so, cubalah anda untuk meletakkan perkataan pada gambar2 dibawah.
*kepada ibu mengandung dan pesakit jantung 
adalah dimaklumkan bahawa gambar2 di bwah mempunyai grafik
 yang sgat menakutkan, harap maklum.

| gambar hebat 1 |

| gambar hebat 2 |

| gambar hebat 3 |

| gambar hebat 4 |

| gambar hebat 5 |

# silalah letakkan caption anda sendiri
 pada gambar2 tersebut dgn meletakkan
 no gambar dahulu diikuti dgn comment, di kotak comment di bwah 
!!! muahhaha !!!! 

yours truly,

| my sabah trip ! |

deena was so jealous about the fact that almost all of our little family at keyell were in sabah.
hahaha. silly deeJ !
(die gi singapore [warner bros] x jeles pown. walaupun jeles thap giler sbenarnyer !! )
anywaysss... haha...

i wanna share my trip to sabah with y'ols !
although it only lasted for about 3 days and 2 nights, it was still worth it, coz i got the chance to spend time with my makteh and her family back in sabah. and i can say that i've been to makteh's place ! hoyeah ! haha. 

so, the 1st place i went to was the kak nong restaurant! hehe. i arrived at Sabah international airport around 8pm or 9pm i cant remember. hehe. later, makteh took me eating at kak nong's restaurant ! hehe. i was looking for "nasi goreng pataya" and found it, it cost about rm5.00 per plate!!! i w a s l i k e APEKAH????

later, i washed meself, and went to bed. oh! how can i forget, iqa (my kazen) she wanted me to watch a barbie movie, i dont remember the title but it goes sumthing like "barbie and fashion sumthing sumthing"
hahahaha. then, later i went to bed. 

haaa, so the very next day, we went to babagon, penampang to njoy the spectacular sight of the rivers in babagon. it was like heavenly. so, i picture heaven is a billion times better than babagon. 

here are some pix to explain more clearly about the place. (with iqa as my model)







later, we went to 1 Borneo to watch "di sini ader hantu". 
that movie was HILARIOUS !!!

they were like comparing which ghost is the best ghost, even got international ghost !!!

so, that night, the whole night we spend watching ghost stories. haha. makteh is interested with ghost stories, but she needs someone to accompany her! hahha. she like ghost stories! a fun fact about makteh ! heheh. 

the next day, the rest of the famili come to sabah ! but, that night i have to go back to semenanjung. T.T

but all, it was worthwhile ! it was really nice and fun ! i hope i can go again to sabah, makteh's place. hehe. 

here are some pix with the rest of the family.

|makyangandhersememehface. hehehehe. loveumakyang !! |


|adadaaaam ! geram geram nak gigitttt ! |

|my opah !! and maktam |

so, there u go. my activities during the last weekend. 
<3 u guys lots from the bottom of my atlantic ocean of emotions ! 

yours truly,

| one last trip together as one big happy siblings ^_^- |

hye. i know its been a while since my last updates. i was so bz.
i was everywhere last week.
ipoh > keyell > ipoh > sabah > ipoh
hahahaa. im so freaking tired. till i got sick because of too much travelling. haha.
can ah? got sick because of travelling?.. hehehe..

the reason why i call this blog as "| one last trip together as one big happy siblings ^_^- |", is because, this will be our last trip together as one whole happy classmates.. im really going to miss u guys..

we were supposed to do a subject assignment, but sir azrie change the trip into our subject assignment, so our last subject assignment is going on a trip to kl ! haha. the besh assignment ever ! haha..

so, here is our "schedule" during the trip..

ipoh > BNM > KLCC/masjid jamek > bangi(our crib for the nite) > putrajaya > High 5 (awesome !!) > KL central > MIA > HOME ! 

it was a lot of fun ! 

so, here is some of the pix taken during this trip. 
memories u guys ! 












<3 u guys lots !

yours truly,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

| GLEE feverrrrr !!! |

okay okay
i know im a little over excited about this. but frankly, im ALWAYS in glee fever. it is like the never ending sickness for me ! and im actually, fine with it ! its not like i want glee to be over
 ( NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!) . . . 
haih. c what i mean? =__=

but, im gonna put glee pixs every single enter in this post ! i just <3 <3 glee so much ! hehe.


hahaha. anyways, i just wanted to share with u guys, just how much im in love, adore, admire, and everything good about glee this season. glee is currently in its 2nd season, which i think is a lot cooler than season 1 ! 
coz they get the chance to do numbers from big star singers. for example, BRITNEY SPEARS, MICHAEL JACKSON (r.i.p), BRUNO MARS, BIEBER FEVER !! 
omg ! they are insane !! 


i must say my most favaurite apisode would bee. . . . . . . . . 
every single one of them !!! i couldn't chooseee !!! every single episode is like sooo freaking perfect !! hehehe..


haih, wish they would come to Malaysia, and i can faint excitedly in front of them, then make a fool out of myself, then later maybe ask them to sing with me ! how cool is that?????!
but, gotta be realistic now gurl, that aint gonna happen. hahaha. 

im not even sure if i can go to their concert here.
 (if they decided to do it in Malaysia, which i think like 1/100 chances)


oh gosh, i wish i can write more about glee, but thats it for now, im using my friends celcom broadband. hehehe..

thats it for glee, MORE to come ! 
yours truly, 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

| segmen: senyum x nmpak gg ^__^ |

haaa ! sni wa nak cter kat u'ols, ader contest baru la..
contestnyer bertajuk (seakan2 la ea, x brape ingat tajukknyer hehe)
senyum tak nmpak gg !! hoyeahhh !! 
so, nk dipendekkan cter, kejap tadi baru ajer kene tag ngan my bfffff, hehe, untuk buat contest nie.. tgah rehat2 tgu nak masuk tidor, alang2 buat la contest nie.. hehe..
so, here goess ....


hehe. nie bukanlaaa gamba yang aku nak letak okeh?? agk2 la, kate nak menang contest niee..
ehem2! okok, seyes skit.. >.<

now, here is the real pix im betting on..

this pix is more likely to be gdix smile rather than be a cute & warm smile. kuikui. hmm. so many pix to put, but due to this pix being the recent pix i took, sooooo.. im gonna bet on that.. hehehe..
tak menang takpe, adat pertandingan kan? ^___^
now, 5 lucky person im gonna tag ! hehe..

njoy yeah !

yours truly, 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

| blogger sporting ^__^ |

arini org smbut maulidur rasul aku plak duk umah sengsorang and melayan tenet. 
and arini ramai jgak org post kan, Selamat Maulidur Rasul. 
so, aku pun amik ksmpatan nie(bkan kat org keh?) untuk mengucapkan Selamat Maulidur Rasul kpd smua umat2 islam. 
so, today, tgah meng-surfing internet, ader sorang adik nie, die add aku kat page nie tau. then, since that moment, kitaorg smua yang ader dlam page tu dah mcm lame kenal plaks. padahal baru kejap tu jer masuk nyer pown. i think it is the sporting-ness page ever la. hehe. (nak commission skittt? hehe)

since that moment jgak, mcm2 bnda sal blog yang aku bru tau and learnt. contohnyer mcm kat atas tu, kalu korunk nmpak, kat column page aku nie ader tulis "aKuH puNyE cHeRiTa" kan? and it movesss kan??!
haa, yang tu adik tu pun yang ajar aku. hehe. die duk ngajor sorang nie, tpi tak paham2 lagi. ahaha. adess! then aku try la, actually nak buat die senang ajer rupenyer. hehe.

last2, aku yang dpat buat dulu, bolehh ?? hahaha. 
anyways, just nak ckap, page tu mmg besh. mcm2 bnda kte tau. tapi dorunk nie smua ADIK-ADIK lagi laaa.. heheeh.. bak kate org2 beso, "budak hingusan" lagi smua nie.. hehee.

lastly! to summarize all the shitness that ive write, just wanted to say, BESH lah ! !

yours truly,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

| Mary Kay olsen kahh ? ^_^ |

korunk mesti tertanye2, ape kes minah nie tulis title mcm tu?.. hehehe..

well, bak kate Puan "Mary Kay announcer", girls like to share.. deeeeemmm true! hehe..

so, kat sni opcoz la i nak share ngan korunks, today i went for a beauty class by Mary Kay company here in Ipoh..
let me tell u'ols, it was awesomeee !!

i get to play with make up! hehe.. 
sape tak suke main conteng2 kat muka sndri kan ?

nnti i tunjuk kat u'ols gamba b4 n after keh?.. hehe.. segan laks.. ala, biarlah blog sndri kan, lntak la nak buh ape ye dak?.. hehehe..

erm, so mula2 kte kene bersihkan muka dpd make up.. sape dah pkai foundation and what not, must remove their make up 1st baru leh sapu Mary Kay's product.. lagi senang die nak penetrate into the skin..

so, later, they thought us how to apply the moisturizer, rupenyer ader cara la nak apply bnda tu.. i tot just tempek2 kat muka, then finished ! hehe. 

tapikan, yang paling the most awesome-ness kan !! die pnyer foundation tau ! like gilerrr kewl !!
wahh.. nak beli but will cost me about RM60 !!! just for one foundation kot. but i think its wort buying coz, Puan "Mary Kay announcer" tu ckap, satu tiub tu ajer leh than smpai 8 months !  tpi mmg kewl la weh !! adesss.. i want i want !!! 
sape leh tlg dgn baik hatinyer belikan untuk i.. ? hehehee..


mmg kecik, tpi powerful !
"kecik-kecik, cili padiiii !"
iklan sbentar.. hehehe.. 

and then and then, die pnye make up kit kan, kejap ek...?


tpi tak smua la yang die bgi try, just a few ajer. hehe. 

and and and, stu lagi product die yang i could faint kan, yang nie ha.. 
|haaaaaa! lipglossdie!|

yang nie pun i could faint giler2 ! heeheh.. okok, now i nak tunjuk kat u'ols b4 and after keh?.. lupa nak snap pix b4, tpi pix after ader.. so i just take pix sblom2 nie jerla ek?.. hehee..






we both went to the same place. hehe. it was freaking cool that we get to do this together! and she looovveeddd it too !! hehehee.

so, overall, today was a lot of fun !!! hehee.. 
<3 <3 <3 

yours truly,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

| hmmmm.. |






mybe its the time of the month... 

tacing plak...


ala, lek jerla...

tpi still nak luahkan jugak skit2 kat sni...

so, just nak share ngan korunk, i tgh tacing skit skang nie... 


yours truly, 

Friday, February 11, 2011

| what people do for LOVE. . . . .|

i watched 2 dramas today that show me the true meaning of relationships..
some people trick the person that they love, just so that they loved them back.. 
some people kidnap other persons' children and held them hostage and make them think that they are their only world, until they grow up, and make sweet love to them.. 
and, some people refuse to help the apple of their eyes, because that person loved somebody else, and that somebody else is in desperate need of that mans' help.. 
this is all some of the stories that ive noticed, while watching these drama.. 

believe it or not, these stories and drama, do teach me about life outside of my world right now.. 
it scary sometimes.. coz, we will never know what our life will be after we graduate, or heck! after i leave this town.. and we will never know the kind of person we will meet after this we leave our hometown.. 

so, here i wanna share with u guys the television series i talked about.. hheehe.. ^__^

| theuglybettybutitalreadyendednoooooooo |

| theuglyducklinghadfinallyturnintoabeautifulswan |

so, the episode i watched was when, they're at their final season and willie wanted to marry connor. but, connor's in prison. so willie will have to come to the prison to meet him, but she doesnt mind coz of the love she had for him. but connor didnt want willie to waste her time and life visiting him in the prison, and for such a long time. so, connor make a pack with the guard there to trick willie by telling her that he had been transfered to other prison cell, and that they guard cant tell her exactly where he's been transfered. willie got crushed, but as a strong woman she is in the series, she hold back her tears. :)
| what people will do for their loved ones |

the other series i watched was the . . . . . . 

| anewstartonlife |

so, in this episode violet apologized to peter coz of her attitude. but she knows whats going on with herself, after cooper her best guyfriend had confronted her about her behavior. here is what violet has said to peter that moved him to tears. (sort of )
" im not asking u to forgive me now, im just asking u to hear me out. im sorry to have put u through this. u loved me. u loved me. but i, i didnt let u take care of me. im a shrink! im used to take care of other people, so i dont let u take care of me. i leave lucas to u, and when i demand him back of course u didnt allowed me to because when im in distress i left him to u. i ask u to take the responsibility. im sorry, i really am. "
it goes something like that. ^__^
it does moved me to tears too.. 

so there u go guys!! these 2 are SOME of the television series that i LOVEEEE to watch. hehe. theres more. but, thats it for now. wanna watch american idol season 10 y'alls!!!
steven tyler!!! i heart u babe!!!! 

| wooooottt!! wooootttt!! |

| woooottttt3!!! |

yours truly,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

| youtube famos much?? ^________^ |

wahhhh !!
it seems like ppl went crazily popular by just posting their videos of playing a guitar to the net, and get millions and millions of feedback.. 
i wish i can do the same, but im freaking shy la weh !!! hahahahaha..
i have my own favorite guitarist.. she's like the awesome-ness guitarist when it comes to playing one in a million - neyo..

here's the link
( thefreakingcoolestwaytoplaytheguitarever )

but, lately my friends been asking me to watch this other chicks playing the guitar.. wait arrrr.. i'll give u the link..

omg i wanna faint looking at this pixx.
( thisisherplayinggrenadebybrunomars )

i think she's okey.. 
she did do a cover by wang lee hom (omg, fainting everytime mentioning his name ahhhhhh ^______^ )
ni bu zhi dao de shi ( the things u didnt know )
it is my fav song, at that time for me.. coz the meaning of the words are like crazy heart touching!! hehehe..

so, the main question is that, should i do the same by posting my video while playing a guitar to the net? ?
im asking myself that Q every single time i watch their vids. but im just too shyyyyy !! hahahaaha..

oh well, u'll see it when i post it, whenever i post it, iffff i post it ! hahahaa..

yours truly,

Monday, February 7, 2011

| getarz |

haii !!!!
brape lame dah tak update blog?? ehehe..
alaaa, bru brape hari ye dak?.. eehhe..
i was bz vacation sane sini nak buat cner.. hehehe..
ok, so today, i did my mid term test.. it was oke, though i did stady at the very VERY very VERY very last min.. can u imagine, today is the test, and i stady the exact same day.. hahaha!!
haih, WTH.. sumtimes i wonder, bile la nak rajin cam orang lain.. asik2 malas.. hehehee..
so, now, im just gonna chillax kat umah bertemankan lucky, my getarz, and play some shitznotes! 

| ha! presenting. . .  LUCKY!! the ultimet passion in my life right now.. ^__^  |

amcam? hehehe. cun x cun x? hehhe.
this is my only passion right now, almaklum la, takder passion lain slain dpd boys. hahahaa. (statement brani mati) hahaa..

later2, i'll try posting my pix with lucky plak.. my friend (Nur Farahah Syamimi) die dah tangkap gamba die ngan lucky, but i said to her, jgn letak kat fb or anywhere slagi aei tak ltak gamba aei ngan lucky! hehee.. so, she didnt.. hehehehehe..
so, i guess thats it for now.. 
next time i'll post sumthing else plak keh?.. hehehe..

yours truly, 

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