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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, March 18, 2011

| been bz. . . |

hye geng !
lately, i ve been bz with work, college, but mostly work. now that final is just around the corner, i have to put that much of attention than before.
i need to get great marks for my final this sem. 
but sometimes i wonder, whether i can do it or not. haha.
the subjects are dry subjects, but there are too much words to mesmerize. 

oh well, enough about that. 
but really, all i can say is that lately, i ve just been surrounded by books, TV and more books. hehhee.

ok, thats all.
boring, i know! haha.
coz my life is like that too. haih! haha.

yours truly,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

| oh gosh ! please pray for Japan. |

oh gosh ! 
i havent updated in so many years, i think. haha.
sory, bz with work and final exams is just around the corner. 
scared me to death. really dont want to face that, but have to. shoots ! 
why do we have to go through exams. why cant they just have classes then graduate ! that'll be nice ! omg ! haha.
anyways, so, have u heard about what happen to Japan ?!?!?! 
omg ! its heart-breaking ! really. 
the 1st time ive heard it is through twitter ! 
twitter is actually pretty good giving those kind of informations. i tot it was just about celebrities, and celebrities, and another celebrities, what were they doing, who went into rehab again, who died, urgh ! its just so, not cool?.. haha..
idk, i just dont like that. i mean, i do like informations, but information that is worth reading that is nice.
omg ! i am way out of topic right now, shut me up ! haha
ok ! so, what happen to Japanese people is just heart-breaking dont u think?
as soon as i heard the news, i switched on my TV and watch channel 509 (cctv channel) and just watched how Japan was actually going to be like literally under water. this is just like the movie once right?? its scary. 

i watched how the water, get into the village, flooded the town, people waving for help, it is just scary ! 
i really dont wish that kind of thing ever happen to anybody.
i cant imagine, if i ever in that kind of situation, i'll probably cry cry cry and cry. gosh !

here are some of the vids, about Japan. 

it is just truly devastating and heart-breaking watching this. 

so, please pray for Japan and hope they can get through this, and my uncle once said to me, if u knew japanese people, they can just easily rise after this natural disaster. they are capable, i just knew it. 

yours truly,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

| i dont know what im feeling rite now |


i just feel so alone, i just feel like going away, i need a road trip or something. i just feel so far away. haih.

i seriously need a road trip. i want to go somewhere far. omg, i want to go to the ocean. 

i want to see the sunset. i might go to lumut or wtv. 

aihh. idk. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

| just for fun. u might want to try it :)) |

one :l 
Have you ever sniffed Glue ? 
yes and its good :p hehe 

two :l 
Have you ever played “splish & splash” ? 
never heard of it. 
three :l 
Have you ever fell out of a boat ? 
thankfully, no ! 
four :l 
Have you ever smelled “markers” ? 
yeah ! kinda sting in my nose. hehe.
five :l 
Have you ever been Drunk & High at the same time ? 
drunk, no, but high, maaaybbeee.. hehe.. 
six :l 
Have Your Parents ever washed your mouth out with Soap ? 
no. but chili, yes ! urgh. 
seven :l 
Are you one of those “healthy people” ? 
i want to think so. haha.
eight :l 
Do you use Limewire ? 
nope ! 
nine :l 
When your done writing a note do you add a picture ? 
not so much

ten :l 
I’m assuming your a girl, if so , are you one of those girls who scream when they see bugs ? 
err, i will diagnose the bug 1st, if it needs screaming, then i'll scream. ^_^ 

eleven :l 
Did you have a good childhood ? 
yes n no. dont ask. haha

tweleve :l 

Do you like the “Jonas Brothers” .. think their cute !? 
idk. i dont really like their voice. sounds so girly and soo NOT manly at all. ^_^ 

thirteen :l 
Do you like “Pitbull” 
never try it. 

fouteen :l 
What time do usually go to bed ? 
12.00am and laterrr..

fifteen :l 
Ever burn yourself purposely ? 
no ! what forr..?

sixteen :l 
Have you ever cut your wrist ? 
NO ! wait, i did try to scratch it with correction tape. haha. 

seventeen :l 
Have you ever played “Suck & Blow” 
WAT THE HELL is that? im thinking something else now. gosh ! haha.

eighteen :l 
Are you one of those “stuck up ” people ?
i hope im not. i dont think so, i guess?.. 0.o
nineteen :l 
Do you think your perfect ? 
no. but i received comment from a dude that says im too perfect for him. T.T i say bull. 
twenty : l 
Are you one of those people who are covered in tattoos and piercings ? 
no! haha. i just dont like people with tats and piercing. 
twentyone :l 
Have you ever been attacked by a bear ? or even a wild animal ? 
bear, no, wild animal, also no ! thank god! :))
twentytwo :l 
Do you like those notes where your only suppose to write two words? 
twentythree :l 
Is your hands small ? 
definitely, not! 
twentyfour :l 
Do you like sour things ? 
no! i hate sour foods, or stuffs. haha.  
twentyfive :l 
… How about sweet things ? 
that, i'll accept!
twentysix :l 
Are you afraid of needles? 
yes ! kinda. used to. think, still am ! haha.
twentyseven :l 
do you like the dentist ? 
no! i especially hate the nurses! they were mean!
twentyeight :l 
Are you a fan of country music ? 
yea! i listens to country music. i think its calming and real at the same time. :))
twentynine :l 
Do you ever wish that you could have a cinderella story ? 
yes! i would love to meet my prince one fine day. :)) but if ur saying the step mother and sisters, heck no! haha
thirty :l 
Did a guy ever ditch you ? 
sadly, yes ! he thinks im too perfect for him. which i think is a bullshit! he just wants to get rid of me. all the things he did was 
just to waste his time and mine. i even got heart broken over this dude. stupid me.
wow, that was long. haha. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

| gegiler gegiler gegiler 3x |

gambar menunjukkan seribu perkataan.

so, cubalah anda untuk meletakkan perkataan pada gambar2 dibawah.
*kepada ibu mengandung dan pesakit jantung 
adalah dimaklumkan bahawa gambar2 di bwah mempunyai grafik
 yang sgat menakutkan, harap maklum.

| gambar hebat 1 |

| gambar hebat 2 |

| gambar hebat 3 |

| gambar hebat 4 |

| gambar hebat 5 |

# silalah letakkan caption anda sendiri
 pada gambar2 tersebut dgn meletakkan
 no gambar dahulu diikuti dgn comment, di kotak comment di bwah 
!!! muahhaha !!!! 

yours truly,

| my sabah trip ! |

deena was so jealous about the fact that almost all of our little family at keyell were in sabah.
hahaha. silly deeJ !
(die gi singapore [warner bros] x jeles pown. walaupun jeles thap giler sbenarnyer !! )
anywaysss... haha...

i wanna share my trip to sabah with y'ols !
although it only lasted for about 3 days and 2 nights, it was still worth it, coz i got the chance to spend time with my makteh and her family back in sabah. and i can say that i've been to makteh's place ! hoyeah ! haha. 

so, the 1st place i went to was the kak nong restaurant! hehe. i arrived at Sabah international airport around 8pm or 9pm i cant remember. hehe. later, makteh took me eating at kak nong's restaurant ! hehe. i was looking for "nasi goreng pataya" and found it, it cost about rm5.00 per plate!!! i w a s l i k e APEKAH????

later, i washed meself, and went to bed. oh! how can i forget, iqa (my kazen) she wanted me to watch a barbie movie, i dont remember the title but it goes sumthing like "barbie and fashion sumthing sumthing"
hahahaha. then, later i went to bed. 

haaa, so the very next day, we went to babagon, penampang to njoy the spectacular sight of the rivers in babagon. it was like heavenly. so, i picture heaven is a billion times better than babagon. 

here are some pix to explain more clearly about the place. (with iqa as my model)







later, we went to 1 Borneo to watch "di sini ader hantu". 
that movie was HILARIOUS !!!

they were like comparing which ghost is the best ghost, even got international ghost !!!

so, that night, the whole night we spend watching ghost stories. haha. makteh is interested with ghost stories, but she needs someone to accompany her! hahha. she like ghost stories! a fun fact about makteh ! heheh. 

the next day, the rest of the famili come to sabah ! but, that night i have to go back to semenanjung. T.T

but all, it was worthwhile ! it was really nice and fun ! i hope i can go again to sabah, makteh's place. hehe. 

here are some pix with the rest of the family.

|makyangandhersememehface. hehehehe. loveumakyang !! |


|adadaaaam ! geram geram nak gigitttt ! |

|my opah !! and maktam |

so, there u go. my activities during the last weekend. 
<3 u guys lots from the bottom of my atlantic ocean of emotions ! 

yours truly,

| one last trip together as one big happy siblings ^_^- |

hye. i know its been a while since my last updates. i was so bz.
i was everywhere last week.
ipoh > keyell > ipoh > sabah > ipoh
hahahaa. im so freaking tired. till i got sick because of too much travelling. haha.
can ah? got sick because of travelling?.. hehehe..

the reason why i call this blog as "| one last trip together as one big happy siblings ^_^- |", is because, this will be our last trip together as one whole happy classmates.. im really going to miss u guys..

we were supposed to do a subject assignment, but sir azrie change the trip into our subject assignment, so our last subject assignment is going on a trip to kl ! haha. the besh assignment ever ! haha..

so, here is our "schedule" during the trip..

ipoh > BNM > KLCC/masjid jamek > bangi(our crib for the nite) > putrajaya > High 5 (awesome !!) > KL central > MIA > HOME ! 

it was a lot of fun ! 

so, here is some of the pix taken during this trip. 
memories u guys ! 












<3 u guys lots !

yours truly,

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