Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, February 23, 2012

| my latest post ^__^ |

ive just finished editing my blog. now i think it looks cooler than evarr!! hehehe.
oh yea, so many thing happened since my last update. 
ekey, so let me narrow it down for u viewers ( like i had any ), so that u can catch a glimpse of my life since the last update. yeaa?? hehe. 

10 Things that happened since Aeisyah's last update. 

1. i have a boyfie now. uUuuUuUuuUU~ ( p/s: love u Mr.Cuddle
2. graduated from ITP already with Diploma In Business Studies. ( proud that )
3. continue studying at Uitm kampus Perlis in International Business. ( even prouder ^_^ )
4. just got my first final exam in degree level. ( not so proud eheem )
5. bought instanet (celcom) at the price of Rm12.50 its pretty cool. ^__^
6. oh yea, dad got MARRIED! ermm. ( no comment )
7. just found out that my clutch ( its a car thing ) needs to be change. and it cost around Rm700++. like mom ever gonna pay for that! but its important thou. idk.
8. people im involve with, is not so great. i dont think their my ownnnnn, ya knoww! haha.
9. how can i forget about this?! got a ring from Mr.Cuddle. OMG!! ( still feels weird wearing it, thou its been a while now since i have it ngee~ )
10. I AM FREAKING 22 YEARS OLD!! habouthat!! 
( i am . . . . . . "matured" T.T )

thats it for now. c ya later alligator. 

Yours truly,


AtikahKamal said...

hehhehehe....daisypath tuu u ngn mr ape ntah erk...dah 7 bulan yerk..

In-She-rah said...

amboi mengupdate dlm sinopsis teringkas. haha

LoLeEtA gOtHiCa said...

@ika : Mr.Cuddle! hehehe. haah, dah 7 bulan u! aku cam x caye jer. hehe. kengkadang bile gado, then tgk balik bnda nie, cam, ok, love die balik. heheehehehe

@in : yeah!! baru senang, padat, dan ringkas! hahahhaa. cepat2 update korunk pnyer plak, aku nk bace. heheh. snok plak update blog nie. lame kot tak update. hehe

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