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Thursday, February 23, 2012

| Secret Recipe's secret |

hye u'ols.
memalam nie kan, tetibe lapa pulak. almost every nite mesti kuar dating2 ngan Mr.Cuddle. hehe. but not tonite baby. coz, tmorow i'll be leaving to kl. tinggalkan Mr.Cuddle sorang2 kat ipoh. hehe. nyway, he'll survive! 

thats... not.... what.... i want to say actually! haha. 
ekey, now, take a good look at this pic. 

oh my gosh. does this just makes ur mouth watered??! mine sure did! 
i WANT TO EAT THIS again!!! 
its so effing delicious u know. and of course Mr.Cuddle introduce me to this fine cuisine! urghh! why at times like this we decided not to go out?! 

the hot chocolate brownies, with sweet walnut, and ice ice cold vanilla ice cream. put them all together, it tasted divine!! 

B, nanti kite makan nie lagi ek? sedap la. wish u were here. eceh! ( time gado tak sedor diri, time makan kemain B sane B sini ek? hehe woops! )

does make the finest cakes! ^__^

till then, 
Yours truly,


In-She-rah said...

lazatnya. untunglah dpt makan. hahaha.. bila lg kan. arau? jgn harap la.. hahaa..

LoLeEtA gOtHiCa said...

haha. jom! nanti kte tgk kat arau ader tak. murah ajer brownies nie. dlm rm4 ke rm8 ke tak ingat dah. tapi mmg berbaloi. then bawak balik kek skali. haha

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