Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, March 19, 2012

| Penang & More . . |

Assalamualaikum. . . 

based on the title, i bet u already know what im about to write doncha? hehehe. . 
nyway, last week (16/3/2012), i went back to my hometown, to catch my breath, and to visit some old place where i used to hang out with my friends and all. .  
it was really nice to see familiar faces and places. . what im trying to say is, its really good to be HOME. .  ^__^

then, on Sunday (18/3/2012), is the journey back to "real life". . see the signs that i put on those words, yea, sarcasm. . -_-
nyway, being positive and all, we decided to take a little detour in our journey and head off to PENANG! ! the closest fun we will ever get, besides HOMETOWN. .  

in Penang, we visited my dearest friend mira (check out her fb page), jalan - jalan, and we actually took the ferry back to the mainland. . 

like what i always say, a picture worth a thousand words, in this case, picturesss. . 
so, here they are. . .

* hehe, as always, the writer kenelah inter frame byk2! hehe on the way back to Ipoh *

* jumpe mira!! long time no c her. miss her much much. ^__^ *

* hehe, got a little excited! or crazy, or . .  hehe *

* took a little stroll on the streets of Penang. . *

* ingat nak DIRI! tapi, all of the above macek2 tak bagi. hohohoho *

* as we were waiting in the car for the ferry ride, this is the outcome of it. ngee~ *

* jgn x caya, skali tgk cam kat Hong Kong plak rasa! hehe *

* kite semua mesti pegi oversea trip one fine day. i dont care when, we just have to go TOGETHER! ! *

* saje tangkap gamba nie, reminds me of TITANIC!! hehehe. *

* lepas posing maut sgale, kenelah tgk hasilnyer ye dak? hehe ^^Y *

haaaa. . .  (exhale)
lega. . . 
akhirnye aku masukkan jugak piece nie in my blog. . .
mcm - mcm perasaan la on that day. . .
suke, gembira, adventure, tired, self-discovery. . .
enjoy, enjoy jugak, tapi kami tak tinggal yang Wajib. . . 
Alhamdulillah. . .

till the next adventure. . 

Yours truly,

Saturday, March 17, 2012

| sangap MCD |

ok, first of all sorry for the use of that word. but thats exactly how i felt at that moment. haha.

its been forever since my last bite of mcd! 
so, a set of BIG MAC, SPRITE, AND VANILLA ICE-CREAM wont hurt. hehe. 

* as if Allah has grant me, my prayers. Alhamdulillah ^^ *

till my next bite, 

Yours truly,

| The Royalty have used it b4?? @.@ |

kum ape combat, bat ape batman, man ape mentol, tol ape tolak, lak ape laksa, sa ape satu, tu ape tunang, nang ape nangka, ka ape kayu, yu ape YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS!! 

hehe. over jap. nywaysss.
soo, arini lelepak ngan roomate gi JJ yang dah berabad lamenye tak pegi tu, *akanmenjadisejarahsahajasetelahjuscobarubukaknanti*, BUT! b4 kitaorg pegi, i pegi lah isi minyak dulu, kalu tak nak gune ape kasi kereta jalan? ayor liur je kee? tak berjalan le gayenyer.. 

then, tgah duk isi minyak, tetibe kereta antik ROLLS ROYCE masuk parking isi minyak sebelah kereta aku! perghh! 
dengan rase ohsemnyer, aku pun meneleng2 and menjeling2 kereta antik yang kemain lawanyer. memberanikan diri, aku pun tanyerlah uncle tu. . .

" uncle uncle, saye mau tangkap gamba dengan uncle pnyer kelete boleh ah? "

uncle jawap:
" boleh boleh, ha, mari sini tangkap, mari sini i bukak pintu u masuk dalam tangkap gamba dalam kelete. " 

HAAAAAAAA. . . *bunyik ohsem*

* such an amazing carrrr. woww. *

* interior superb! i am 1 lucky girl. ^^ *

uncle tu explain lagi, kereta Rolls Royce nie kepunyaan Sultan Perak suatu ketika dahulu. and this car is approximately 55 YEARS OLD. such an old and antic car!! im amazed! 

baru sedar tentang ketaksuban diri sendiri. i think i have a soft spot for old antic car. one of my dreams is to drive the beetle! The Bug!! oh dear, how i wish to drive that car! hehe. 

till the next antic car, ^^

Yours truly,

Sunday, March 11, 2012

| haha apelah u nie ^_^ |

apelahhh! ingat kite xde no die lettuw.. hehehheehehe.. 


Yours truly, 

| entertainment search ^^ |

haaa, bagi salam plak this time. 
so as u can read the title above, the 7 pretty awesome fun-loving girls went on a little road trip, yesterday (10/3/2012 Saturday). 

its only been the first week of "Student Life" and ive already regretting the fact that i will be alone again going through the "life".
i refuse to feel DOWN and SAD about it, for there's nothing i can gain from it. instead, WE SEARCH FOR FUN!!! 

thou, its only around Perlis and Kedah, but the journey to those places that meant something. ^_^

so, as usual, here are some pixs of it . . . 

* pegi solat lmbat skit, tapi takpe coz boleh smbung Maghrib tros. sonang berjalan. hehe venue: UUM's Mosque. *

*marilah kite berdoa bersama-sama agar segala anasir-anasir dan kerunsingan yang menyelubung hari-hari kite pergi jauh dari kite agar hidup sentiasa disinari mentari ^^ dan dirahmatiNya. Amin~ *

* selepas solat, snap pix for memories keeping. ^_^ *

* quoted Chucky from child's play: "i'll be your friend till the end" ^^ *

* gave this pix to Mr.Cuddle. hehe. ape la dlm pale otak die bile tgk gambo nie ye? ^^ *

* bawak deme jejalan tmpat aku melepak dlu. hehe. *

* ila tak reti gune my phone. huwarggh. that phone mmg nak kene bagi pengajaran skit! hehe ^^ *

* my very first jersey! yeayy! 22 stands for the 22 years ive lived on this planet. *

* gambar bersama mereka. sorilah ekin, x nmpak kamu. hehe. tpi takpe, gambar lagi 1 kamu ader. hehe. another sweet memory to cherish and to tell to the "kids" later on in life. ngee! *

so, thats it for now. more to come. 
yang baik dijadikan teladan, yang buruk dijadikan sempadan. 
tingkatkan prestasi, kurangkan Bullshit. ^^

Yours truly,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

| if only i knew. . . |

so, by reading the title of this entry, it clearly symbolizes REGRET. 
in my religion, it is not encourage to feel any type of regret because there might be a silver lighting, but i just don't see it this time around. 
i am really sure i regret about everything that had happened.
for sure it wasn't supposed to happen like this, but sadly it did.
i don't understand what's in her mind. i really don't. 
it seems like this catastrophic thing might just never end! its like one thing after another, and im SICK of it!! 

why are u acting this way? always making me feel like hating u more and more? why? 
i don't want to hate u but obviously ur making me. . 
is that what u really want?? to FIGHT?? 

this is not what i bargain for. clearly. u are becoming someone else who i wish i had never met. or maybe meet u somewhere else and not HERE!
coz, if we see each other in different place, we might not end up like this. just might. who knows. 
we used to be good, right? don't u remember? of course u don't, u've got new things in ur life, brighter, easier, much more convenient for u. u said u understands, but it seems like u don't?.. do u REALLY understands?.. T,T
what ever happen to us? i loved u once. i still love u, but . . . 
i dont think ur my people. .  
such a sad story this is. . 
ur a nice person, but i wish u knew better than writing hurtful things to someone who once were urs, and now u just throw them away and left them like shit. .
before u judge someone, u might as well judge urself first. u aint that angelic anyway, so dont go pretend like an angel coz ur not. such a sad story this is. 

hope this explains it why im being so honest about my feelings. im being real. 
if u wish to write something back about this, feel free to do so, but just remember, writing back and forth like this is not going to fix anything. im giving u a hint here. come to me and we'll talk. 
its a chance.
take it or leave it. 
ur choice. 

there are so much more i want to write down in here, but i think that's it for now, or i might shed some tears in my eyes. 

" life's a bitch, but that's just how we love them "

Yours truly,

Sunday, February 26, 2012

| Dah Tengok |

morning peeps! 

nak bgtau nie. kite dah nampak syiling yang baru laa. its not that bad. 
korunk aderr???? ^___^

*yang nie part belakang. This is the new coin of 2012. *

* ha nie part depan die. lawa2 jgak. kalor mcm syiling rm1 dlu, tpi light skit. |

baru dpat tgk yang Rm0.20 jer. Deena kate ader Rm0.50, and mcm2 lagi. 
CANT WAIT TO SEE IT! *excited*
till then.

Yours truly,

| Breakfast! |

hye! so, the title says it all. 
this morning, we went out to have breakfast. . . hehe. . .
"we" consist of. . . 

*there! the gang! hehe. from left, maksu, dura, paksu, dani, anddd deena! *

* this is the place where we went breakfast. the "Lontong King"! around Langat area. its very nice. its like ala-ala hotel breakfast. u have everything. from macaroni, to plain Nasi Lemak. yummy2! *

* this is one of the scene from my view inside the car. if u watch clearly, u can see the whole of KL. its very nice. n_n *

k, im watching Lisa and Yusry documentary. i cant concentrate! haha. 
but, all i want to say in this post, i did say it all. 
till then! 

Yours truly,

| The Next Phase |

Yello again peeps! 

so, episode nie plak berkaitan dengan "a journey to a life full of bliss". 
erti kate lain, merisik, bertunang, then nikah. *que awesome song*

Let the pictures tell its story. ^__^

* Umi and Makcho sembang-sembang pasal kenduri tunang nie. p/s: look at Mom's plate. (nmpksgatlapaapelahuminie) *

* then its time to go home. kejap ajer. mmg tak best, pegi jauh2 then duduk x sampai 5min tros nak balik. WHAT?? ntahla dorunk nie. at least tunggu la smpai majlis tu start. FYI, we arrived 3 hours earlier. -__-

* thats me with the fiance-to-be. My kuz, K.Ct. Selamat Bertunang ^__^ *

* ehem2. last but not least (again), mestilah kene ader gmbar Mdm. Empunya blog. pleash peeps! deal with it. ^__^ *

ok, next kite ader episode 3 plak. wait for it! 

Yours truly,

Saturday, February 25, 2012

| Sabak Bernam. Haa? |

Yello peeps! 
So, last Friday, Atok, K.Pany, meself and Umi pegi Sabak Bernam (Umi's Place), one day before K.Ct's engagement ceremony sbb nak lepak rumah umi dlu. 
Dah smpai sane, ktorg pegi la jalan-jalan dulu. 

Some of the pix: 
* nie dekat Sungai sumthing-sumthing. haha. not sure whats the name of the sungai. pretty ha? ^^ *
* i drove from Ipoh till Sabak Bernam, then around Sabak Bernam, Umi plak yang drive. hehe *

* isnt it a beaut? kalu petang-petang lepak sni mmg syahdu. hee~ *

* last but not least, mestilah kene ader gamba Mdm Empunya blog. baru style. hehe *

k, next post is about sumthing else plak.
p/s : this entry ader episode-episode. baru thrilled. ^_^

Yours truly,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

| Secret Recipe's secret |

hye u'ols.
memalam nie kan, tetibe lapa pulak. almost every nite mesti kuar dating2 ngan Mr.Cuddle. hehe. but not tonite baby. coz, tmorow i'll be leaving to kl. tinggalkan Mr.Cuddle sorang2 kat ipoh. hehe. nyway, he'll survive! 

thats... not.... what.... i want to say actually! haha. 
ekey, now, take a good look at this pic. 

oh my gosh. does this just makes ur mouth watered??! mine sure did! 
i WANT TO EAT THIS again!!! 
its so effing delicious u know. and of course Mr.Cuddle introduce me to this fine cuisine! urghh! why at times like this we decided not to go out?! 

the hot chocolate brownies, with sweet walnut, and ice ice cold vanilla ice cream. put them all together, it tasted divine!! 

B, nanti kite makan nie lagi ek? sedap la. wish u were here. eceh! ( time gado tak sedor diri, time makan kemain B sane B sini ek? hehe woops! )

does make the finest cakes! ^__^

till then, 
Yours truly,

| citer sekarang sekarang |

hye u'ols. so, arini 23/2/2012, lisa surihani dan Yusry KRU telah pun selamat diijabkabulkan oleh tok kadi yang berada di tempat kejadian. hehe. ( bila giliran aku plak nie. )

*dpat gamba nie dri twitter.com/beautifulnara*

*she looks lovely as ever awhh. pic from twitter.com/mediahiburan*

im just hoping this one will last till the end. and there's no talking about Yusry not capable of having a baby. rezeki di tangan Allah. kalu Allah nak bagi, sekelip mate ajer boleh dpat, on the spot! so, no worries.

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Lisa & Yusry.

p/s : tatau cner font leh tetukar. ehe ehe ^^

Yours truly,

| my latest post ^__^ |

ive just finished editing my blog. now i think it looks cooler than evarr!! hehehe.
oh yea, so many thing happened since my last update. 
ekey, so let me narrow it down for u viewers ( like i had any ), so that u can catch a glimpse of my life since the last update. yeaa?? hehe. 

10 Things that happened since Aeisyah's last update. 

1. i have a boyfie now. uUuuUuUuuUU~ ( p/s: love u Mr.Cuddle
2. graduated from ITP already with Diploma In Business Studies. ( proud that )
3. continue studying at Uitm kampus Perlis in International Business. ( even prouder ^_^ )
4. just got my first final exam in degree level. ( not so proud eheem )
5. bought instanet (celcom) at the price of Rm12.50 its pretty cool. ^__^
6. oh yea, dad got MARRIED! ermm. ( no comment )
7. just found out that my clutch ( its a car thing ) needs to be change. and it cost around Rm700++. like mom ever gonna pay for that! but its important thou. idk.
8. people im involve with, is not so great. i dont think their my ownnnnn, ya knoww! haha.
9. how can i forget about this?! got a ring from Mr.Cuddle. OMG!! ( still feels weird wearing it, thou its been a while now since i have it ngee~ )
10. I AM FREAKING 22 YEARS OLD!! habouthat!! 
( i am . . . . . . "matured" T.T )

thats it for now. c ya later alligator. 

Yours truly,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

im backk!!

as u can probably see, my blog is currently under construction, or i would say under renovation. yea, renovation is the correct word. k, c ya later.

Yours truly,
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