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Thursday, February 17, 2011

| GLEE feverrrrr !!! |

okay okay
i know im a little over excited about this. but frankly, im ALWAYS in glee fever. it is like the never ending sickness for me ! and im actually, fine with it ! its not like i want glee to be over
 ( NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!) . . . 
haih. c what i mean? =__=

but, im gonna put glee pixs every single enter in this post ! i just <3 <3 glee so much ! hehe.


hahaha. anyways, i just wanted to share with u guys, just how much im in love, adore, admire, and everything good about glee this season. glee is currently in its 2nd season, which i think is a lot cooler than season 1 ! 
coz they get the chance to do numbers from big star singers. for example, BRITNEY SPEARS, MICHAEL JACKSON (r.i.p), BRUNO MARS, BIEBER FEVER !! 
omg ! they are insane !! 


i must say my most favaurite apisode would bee. . . . . . . . . 
every single one of them !!! i couldn't chooseee !!! every single episode is like sooo freaking perfect !! hehehe..


haih, wish they would come to Malaysia, and i can faint excitedly in front of them, then make a fool out of myself, then later maybe ask them to sing with me ! how cool is that?????!
but, gotta be realistic now gurl, that aint gonna happen. hahaha. 

im not even sure if i can go to their concert here.
 (if they decided to do it in Malaysia, which i think like 1/100 chances)


oh gosh, i wish i can write more about glee, but thats it for now, im using my friends celcom broadband. hehehe..

thats it for glee, MORE to come ! 
yours truly, 


Ninie@Aini said...

minat bebenor gan Glee kamu neyh...!
apa kata ko bukak je satu Glee kat ITP..haaaa..lucky sbg asst. dh ada dah..hehehe =)
aku boleh jadi tukang penasihat..25% ngeeeeeee~

EdY Zaidi said...

xpernah tgk glee...best ek?

LoLeEtA gOtHiCa said...

aini : hehehe.. glee the besh !! hehehe.. weh ! aku tingin nak bukak, but im no expert in teaching other people how to sing and dance.. aku pun perlukan org ajar aku.. hehehe...

edy : omg ! cner bleh tak tgk glee nieee??? mcm mne nak buat nie mcm mne nak buat niee???

errrrr.. kejap2..
link 1 :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1_B9FCZJMA
link 2 :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_kWC4_aOdI

kalu minat dancing n singing then this show is the perfect show for u..
im actually promoting glee to u, kene byar niee.. heheehe..

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